Garo Ashikian established Onik Design in 1977. But before doing so, he had graduated in designing and pattern making from one of the top fashion and designing schools of Europe 1972. His degree and his talent landed him a joob as the executive men's suit pattern maker at one of Europe's top Fashion Houses. Few years later, Garo opened Onik Design and started tailoring custom made suits. He was introduced to ballroom dancing and tail suits for ballroom dancing few years later. The first tail suit he made not only fit perfectly but also the dancer wearing the Onik Suit won a gold medal at the USBC.

Garo has a unique talent, using his skill and sense of design to tailor suits, which conform to the dancer's body, allowing the dancer move freely. Since that time we have continued the good name in dancing world, making suits for competitors and champions alike, nation-wide.

Just to name a few…

  • U.S. Champion Victor Veyrasset
  • David Hamilton
  • Bill Davies
  • David Kloss
  • Daniel Radler
  • Pierre Allaire
  • Randy Ferguson
  • Armando Matin & BYU Team

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